Khatro Graphic

Kharto is a platform that enables customized data visualization applications and solutions, for any industry.

Kharto does not simply allow you to create maps.  It is more than that.  Kharto is an interactive data visualization engine – allowing multiple sources of data to be dynamically displayed and managed, visually, in real time and in one place.  Click on a location, pull up hardware data, performance information, status, legal data, etc.  Anything one can associate with a location ID can be visualized, tracked, and managed.  Features include:

  • Data Visualization
  • Multi-Parameter Filtering
  • Dynamic Display
  • Real-Time Architecture

Kharto is fast, flexible, dynamic, and puts you in control so you can see your world.  Any organization can quickly visualize its geographically diverse assets and interests using Kharto:

  • Track a fleet of trucks, ships, or airplanes
  • Monitor customer locations and trouble tickets
  • Map towers, stations, and other structures
  • Manage property assets, and building status
  • Display flows of all traffic types in smart cities
  • Watch reindeer migrations
  • And much more…


Unleash the visual power of Kharto for your organization!  Email: or