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Nilanthi Beekhuysen    

Practice Areas:  Network Design and Engineering

About:  Nilanthi is a customer-focused and results-oriented RF (Radio Frequency) design and support engineer two decades of experience in providing network solutions for major wireless carriers, government clients and private utility clients. In depth and hands-on experience with point-to-point microwave network design as well as regulatory expertise. Strong academic background in Fixed and Wireless communication technologies.  She has worked for prominent wireless networking companies across the US, has taught microwave theory and propagation, and is an expert in FCC rules and regulations.

Education:  The George Washington University, MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, BS, Electrical Engineering

Location:  Washington, DC

Enjoys: Reading, Solving Puzzles, Volunteering, Arts, Science and Technology, History


David Cole         

Practice Areas:  Media, Broadcast

About:  David has been an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), in the American Society of Appraisers in Machinery and Technical Specialties: Machinery and Equipment, since 1990. During his career, he has constructed television stations, including WWSI-TV in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  In addition, he serves as an expert witness in valuation matters, and is a Senior Instructor for Machinery and Equipment Principles of Valuation courses ME201-ME204.  David is also Past regional governor for ASA, Region 3, Past chairman, ASA Education Committee, Past chairman, ASA Admissions and Membership Committee, and Current chairman, ASA Tellers & Credentials Committee.  He is actively serving Widelity clients in the broadcast industry.

Education:  University of Mississippi, MA, Journalism, BA, Radio and Television

Location:  Washington, DC

Enjoys:  Travel, Ole Miss Sports



Brian Dunne

Practice Areas:  Software Solutions, Broadcast

About:  Brian brings a wealth of experience to the Widelity Software Solutions team. He has a wide variety of technical experience picked up from years of independent study that often gives him a unique perspective in his approach to problems. This independent study has made him very comfortable with diving into complex, established projects without any previous experience and becoming quickly acquainted with them. His experience includes everything from database design to web development, and he is always eager to learn whatever he can.

Education:  George Mason University, Computer Science

Location:  Washington, DC

Enjoys:  Programming, Software Tinkering, Game Development, Historical European Martial Arts




Sam Hariton      

Practice Areas:  Software Solutions, Broadcast

About:  Sam is the Director of Software Development and Software Development Management for Widelity, and established and leads the software development group; his supervisory role includes responsibility for recruitment, hiring, and mentorship of new team members.  He also mentors team members to increase the depth and breadth of development and programming skills.  Sam has established team policies involving code reviews, pull request gating, source control, client data security, documentation, programming style, testing, open source license compliance, and computing resource usage.  He is the Primary Architect for identifying appropriate frameworks and performance specs with clients, leading requirements gathering, creating development roadmaps with cost and time estimates, facilitating internal and external progress reviews.

Education:  Brandeis University, BS, Physics, Mathematics, Economics

Location:  Portland, ME

Enjoys:  Photography


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Sanford Jewett

Practice Areas:  Satellite, IoT, Strategy, Positioning and Business Development

About:  Sanford is a veteran of the mobile & satellite industries, having worked in various sectors of the wireless industry for over 30 years.  He helped bring into existence some of the modern telecommunications networks that today are the engine for communication and commerce worldwide, launching new services including pagers, cell phones, mobile satellite phones and broadband terminals, and more recently M2M (or IoT) solutions.  His broad experience, gained from working with a variety of network operators, gives Sanford a rich understanding of wireless technologies and business models.  Over the years, he has worked in many different countries, and held management positions in a number of functional areas — Business Development, Strategy, Marketing, and Operations. This broad exposure has afforded him an understanding of market dynamics and cultural norms, and a deep network of contacts worldwide.  On the satellite technology side, he has worked with a number of the leading MSS and FSS operators (L-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, S-band.)   On the terrestrial wireless side, he has worked with cellular operators (GSM/LTE, CDMA, WiMAX) as well as cable MSOs and ISPs.

Education:  Yale University, BA, Economics

Location:  Washington, DC

Enjoys:  Hiking, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Art, Music, and Literature



Charles Mangum

Practice Areas:  Network Engineering, Deployment, and Testing

About:  Charlie’s career spans three decades with excellent experience in nearly every segment of the telecommunications industry including; satellite communications, cellular, PCS, DAS, microwave PTP/PMP and LAN/WAN.  His previous positions include design and deployment of satellite networks at GTE Spacenet, cellular and microwave networks at Hughes Network Systems and LAN/WAN networks at Education Networks of America.  In addition to design and deployment duties Mr. Mangum provides project management and construction management support for all facets of Widelity projects.  Charlie’s broad knowledge/experience base and attention to detail combined with thoroughness in all of his work provide a unique and superior level of quality. He is one of those difficult to find senior wireless engineers/managers who understand RF, data communications, and the practical know-how of implementation. He is always willing to go the extra mile to complete the task at hand. His integrity and commitment to the mission are exemplary and motivate fellow team members.

Education:  U.S. Army Signal Corp. Technical School, MOS 35E – Special Electronic Device Repair, Hagerstown Junior College, AAS, Electronic Engineering, Certifications: iBwave Level II certification

Location:  Nashville, TN

Enjoys:  Family, Community Service, Wood Working, and Long-Range Shooting


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Rajiv Sharma

Practice Areas:  Network Design, Planning, and Project Management

About:  Rajiv is a highly accomplished and visionary leader with extensive domestic and international experience in planning, designing, project management, implementation and operating communications networks using various technologies such as fiber optics, satellites and microwave.  He has founded companies and worked for large wireless carriers, and is a results-oriented manager with proven success in driving projects from feasibility studies to completion on time, meeting corporate vision and goals and exceeding customer expectations.  He has been responsible for managing the implementation of network for a large national wireless carrier, with duties including path engineering and design, review and approval of LOS packages, review and approval of closeout packages, path troubleshooting support, and installation packages.

Education:  from North Carolina State University, BS, Electrical Engineering, The George Washington University, MS, Engineering Management

Location:  Washington, DC

Enjoys:  Travel, Family