A Broad Range of Solutions

Widelity practice areas include Network Design & Planning, Lab/Field Test and Integration, and Network Deployment.

Widelity practice areas include Technology Strategy, Service Management & Operations, and Software Solutions.

How we work

Whether you are looking for a short-term project resource or a long-term partner, Widelity can help.  Leveraging people, processes, and technology, we work closely with you to align key business needs and processes with world class infrastructure, services, and technology.

Understanding your challenges and objectives forms the cornerstone of our client-centric solution. We employ best-of-breed technology and solid management know-how to ensure your solution is delivered on time, on target, and on budget.

What Makes Us Special


We're great people

Our most valuable asset is our people.  We bring together people with extraordinary talent, experience and expertise.  Our people make us valuable partners for our clients.  And we genuinely like each other and we enjoy working closely together.



We are dedicated

Our teams are dedicated to supporting our client’s and working with them closely to provide the best possible solutions. Dedication to excellence and finding solutions while helping client’s navigate complex issues and challenges is part of our core strategy.



We're diligent

Our practice methodology involves a holistic look at the issues at hand and we diligently find the best solution to meet our client’s needs.

Smaller client teams

We have smaller, dedicated teams who get involved with all of the issues a client faces.  Key decision makers have access to all of our team members and small teams assure that all team members are operating with the best frame of reference with which to solve problems.



We're committed

We are committed to your success and the positive outcomes.  We understand the challenges facing organizations and we see projects through to the end.



We're intelligent and creative

We bring our intelligence and creativity to every engagement and we proactively implement best-in-class solutions to meet the most challenging client needs.