Utilizing our expertise in the broadcast reimbursement process, Widelity is currently supporting over 150 stations. We provide a wide range of services to stations available as they need them.
They include.

The 399 process

  1. We work directly with stations to verify that all vendor invoices conform to the FCC requirements. If the are not compliant, we work with the vendor(s) to resubmit the invoice in an appropriate format.
  2. We can submit the compliant invoices to the FCC though LMS (though the client certifies). We have an extensive tracking systems to monitor the progress of invoices.
  3. We can prepare all LMS material for clients for their final certification for submission.
  4. For invoices where there may be questions regarding the nature of the invoice or questions about the amounts we work with clients to craft a narrative to anticipate questions from the transition administrator.
  5. When invoices allocations or submission are disputed we work with the transition administrator to resolve/clarify the issue to the best advantage of our clients.
  6. We can update the budget documentation on file with the commission reflecting the reality of the ongoing build process.
  7. We can assist stations with the post reimbursement analysis to match funds received against invoices submitted
  8. We also can work with stations to make sure that quarterly reports are filed in a timely manner
  9. Market and Industry level Repack progress and Daisy Chain impact reporting and Analytics

There are additional services that we provide should clients need them

  1. Project management service to assist with the build-out process: tracking, scheduling, reporting, etc. If the station has not budgeted for project management services, we can manage the submission of the budget modification to cover the cost unexpected services.
  2. Medical and MVPD notification