Field Services

Tower, RAN, DAS,Small Cell, Microwave

Widelity provides a full-service offering, including engineering, procurement, logistics, and construction of communications solutions. With our skilled technicians, installers, and construction managers, located across the US, we are well-positioned to meet the needs of our clients. We offer design, installation and maintenance of wireless networks. Our crews install and build towers and install most forms of wireless equipment from cell to microwave.

Widelity has robust tower, RAN, DAS, small cell, and microwave capabilities. We have extensive experience with the construction, installation, maintenance, and repair of antenna systems, communication towers and support structures. Our expert teams are experienced with most major radio manufacturers and equipment types. Our personnel are experts in engineering, surveys, real estate, project coordination, tower services, and construction management. We have a deep knowledge of microwave planning and installation, with years of experience based on our work for major spectrum holders, carriers, and service providers.


  • Turnkey Systems Integration
  • License Preservation
  • Microwave Installation
  • Site Surveys & Line-of-Site
  • Path Design and Analysis
  • Site Acquisition
  • Maintenance
  • Tower Construction
  • High-speed Data Backhaul
  • Permitting and Zoning
  • RF Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Civil Builds
  • Test and Turn-up
  • DAS Installation
  • Drive Testing
  • Integrated Project/Program Management

Our hands-on teams of engineering, management and construction professionals can provide a complete suite of wireless services for clients with the most demanding requirements. From turnkey, license preservation, microwave, backhaul, small cell, DAS, and cellular, Widelity can provide the services you need. Installing towers and the associated antennas, transmission lines, and power equipment takes experienced, trained, field personnel. Widelity team members are skilled at all aspects of erecting and installing equipment. Widelity has the engineering, logistics, design, and planning expertise to support the field teams and our clients with the preparation and support necessary for a successful deployment. Our organization provides our clients with the procedures and processes for a well-designed network that will meet the demanding quality standards of today’s communications services.

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