IoT and LPWA Network Design

Whether you are rolling out a public network and trying to provide city-wide or nationwide coverage, or rolling out a private IoT network trying to cover a building or campus, Widelity can help. We have worked with the major LPWA hardware providers and know the issues associated with designing and deploying these types of networks. While IoT networks are new, our team already has experience in deploying solutions for several of these new technologies and we know how they work in live deployments and in varying terrains.

This is important because many of these technologies are in unlicensed spectrum, so knowing where the competing networks operate, and how to address interferes issue upfront, can make a big difference in viable coverage.

We can cost effectively supplement your team to help ramp up and deploy in select markets with having to build your headcount. Here are the ways we can help you:

• RF Design & Engineering Services

• Project & Program Management

• Network Implementation Services

• Deployment & Integration Services

• In-Building Wireless design Services

Private networks Services

One of the biggest risks for achieving your sales goals for your new IoT products is making sure that customer have a great experience with your products. For private networks, if your in-building IoT network is installed incorrectly, your customers might have trouble communicating, which can mean costly truck rolls to their site.

We’ve seen this all too often when companies have installed their smart building applications. They pick what they think is a great location for the wireless gateway or access point and then install the gear, be it for connected bathrooms, HVAC, or security. Everything seems to work fine.  All the devices are communicating.  Then a week later, suddenly devices no longer communicate.  It happens all the time.  Internal structures change, furniture moves, a filing cabinet gets added and suddenly the device 3 floors down no longer can communicate.

We know how to identify these issues in the beginning and avoid these later stage issues, saving costly truck rolls to fix issues.  Let us help you do it right the first time.