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Logistics plays an ever increasing role in complex distribution-oriented industries. A logistics planning framework for the management of materials, procurement, services, information and capital is essential for any organization concerned with costs

Widelity solutions provide organizations with the resources and strategic solutions designed to meet all of their logistics needs. Treating products and materials as a continuous process from concept to installation significantly reduces the risk of logistics failures due to “handoffs” between functional areas.

Cross functional collaboration is the key to a smooth supply chain process. Supply chain inefficiencies often seriously impact timelines, deliverables, launch plans, customer relationships and costs.

A successful logistics strategy must be aligned with the business goals and deployment expectations to assure timely success and consistent business improvement and growth.

Failure to plan equates to planning to fail…


Weaving Logistics into the fabric of your company

Supply chain logistics is always an expensive part and often the Achilles heel in a business delivery strategy. The Widelity logistics process is uniquely designed to limit organizations’ exposure to logistic risk and failure.

By first, ensuring execution-level operations are tied to strategic-level priorities and second, initiating a monitoring program in the key risk areas, we can create a feedback loop to anticipate issues before they impact critical time lines. At Widelity, we can assure you that the right products will be at the right place at the right time.

Many considerations go into a successful logistics operation. Widelity personnel have a deep experience base with logistics issues around the world. Our teams know how to analyze processes, identify key risk situations, propose and implement concrete solutions, and monitor compliance.

Logistics is a balancing act involving tradeoffs in many key areas of an organization. Planning, cost, time, inventory, and resources are often conflicting demands on logistics. Widelity can help you understand the value and the tradeoffs facing your day-to-day logistics operations to maximize customer satisfaction.


Key Widelity Focus

Widelity’s design and engineering services include:

  • Purchasing, Component and raw materials acquisition, in-bound logistics, vendor management
  • Manufacturing; materials management, production services, facility management
  • Distribution; Warehousing, inventory management, compliance, transportation, customs, regulatory
  • Training: Using a three-step program customized based on needs to provide personnel the required skill sets to enable them to effectively and efficiently manage dynamic logistics processes.

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