Medical Notification for Broadcasters

Per the rules of the FCC (47 CFR 15.242) full power broadcast stations are required to make a good faith effort to identify and notify health care facilities (e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, see 47 CFR 15.242(a)(1)) within the service area potentially affected by changes to DTV operations.

Widelity has services in place to identify and to make a good faith effort to notify locations that met the criteria of the rules for broadcast stations making changes to their DTV broadcast operations.

Using D&B data, SAC and NAICS codes, and using industry standard mapping software, Widelity uses the Predicted Coverage Contour and identifies the locations that are within the contour. This yields locations to contact on behalf of the broadcast station.

We identify locations that met the following criteria:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Residential care
  • Skilled nursing care facilities

The letters were mailed via the US Post Office. All addresses are verified for validity and compared to the USPS Move Update Service. The letters are bar coded and mailed with Full Service Intelligent Bar Codes. Letters that were returned from the US Post Office are researched individually and, where possible, addresses are corrected and the letters are resent.

In addition to the D&B locations, healthcare associations and membership organizations receive notifications

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