Network Engineering Consulting

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Network Design & Planning

We use an iterative process to develop a topological design, and network realization to assure that the designed network meets the needs of of our client.

Lab/Field Test and Integration

Widelity provides end-to-end test & integration expertise and technical leadership, insuring your solution is implemented effectively with the highest standards of quality assurance.

Network Deployment

We offer a full range of engineering, design, construction, and turnkey services for the wireless industry. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any type of deployment project in any spectrum – both for current services and next generation 5G and IoT networks.

Widelity offers a full range of wireless engineering, design, construction, and turnkey services.

Wireless Network Planning & RF Design.   Our engineers are experienced in all types of broadband wireless RF Design. Our team has designed systems ranging from in-building and outdoor Wi-Fi, cellular, and public safety signal enhancement systems, to large mission-critical point-to-point microwave networks and 4G Radio Access Networks.

Network Integration Design.   We have significant experience performing the due diligence and integrating and evolving networks to accommodate new applications and technologies. We are adept at designing IP networks providing the security, availability, and performance required for mission-critical enterprise or public net.

Site & Deployment Services.   We provide a full spectrum of network in-building and outdoor site deployment services beginning with acquisition services, civil construction communications services in support of local subcontractors, comprehensive certified tower services, all aspects of equipment installation extending to rooftops and towers, and network optimization & testing services with full network mapping.

Network IT Service Management Framework Development.   For clients with Network Operations or IT Management functions, a well-designed framework results in the successful intersection of the client organization with the service requirements of its internal or external customers. Assembling a coherent system encompassing people, platform, and processes, Widelity enables the Service Management success of its clients.

Logistics.   Moving product and material is not complex, but does require planning, preparation, organization, and discipline.  Widelity brings years of know-how to supply chain management and logistics.