Service Management & Operations

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Business Continuity Planning

We help you develop a plan to continue operations if your facilities are impacted by a disaster, either short term or long term.

Managed Services & Sourcing

Widelity provides Managed Services Sourcing Solutions to businesses considering outsourcing business functions, and as a trusted advisor to established Managed Service Providers (MSP) or companies planning to become an MSP.

Cloud Migration

Widelity supports cloud migration, moving data, applications, and other business services from onsite or third party applications to cloud services.  We review existing platforms, assist clients through the decision making process, and help manage migration to the cloud services of their choice.

A customer-focused approach to delivering information technology.

Managed Sourcing Services.  We provide Sourcing Services for clients in two ways:  1) Sourcing Selection Services: For clients considering outsourcing business functions, our full-range of sourcing services cover requirements identification, cost analysis, Service Provider Assessment, RFP/RFQ development and response review, and final solution recommendation. 2) Service Provider Planning: We work with Managed Service Providers to improve their service offerings by creating or enhancing the Service Catalog, providing a competitive market assessment, and reviewing and optimizing pricing,SLAs, and bundling options.

Network IT Service Management Framework Development. For clients with Network Operations or IT Management functions, a well-designed framework results in the successful intersection of the client organization with the service requirements of its internal or external customers. Assembling a coherent system encompassing people, platform, and processes, Widelity enables the Service Management success of its clients.

Logistics. Moving product and material is not complex, but does require planning, preparation, organization, and discipline.  Widelity brings years of know-how to supply chain management and logistics.

Cloud Migration. Today’s application environment offers so many more choices than before, and cloud services can reduce costs, improve performance, and mitigate risk.  We can help.